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Photography is not something I produce, it's something that produces a change both in myself and my clients. In all my years and thousands of photo shoots, I have yet to finish a project and not look at the world in a new way. The camera lens captures what the human eye leaves behind. I consider myself nothing less than a chronicler of the human condition, for better or worse. When you see my photos, I think you'll agree.

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and worked as a Crime Scene Investigator for 5 years. Discovering my passion for photography while working as a CSI, I pursued my photography dream in 2009 when I became the owner of Kalaidecam Photography.

My passion for art which is evident in my style and composition. My creative eye allows me the ability to envision the final result, capture, and put it in your hands. With a strong Photoshop skill, I may provide my clients an outstanding blend of great pictures, custom design invitations, cards and albums.

Besides my passion for photography, I have dedicated my life to helping families locate their missing love one through my nonprofit organization call G.I. Joe Search and Rescue – The Joe Le Foundation. Through strategy building, training, and facilitating, my team has helped many families locate their missing loved one and provide closure. 

I came to the realization that I've created for myself the perfect balance in life - G.I. Joe SAR allows me to see the true value of life and Kalaidecam help others capture the precious moments to last a lifetime.

I am an on location, natural light photographer. I love to use photos to create a story book. Everything that I capture is in hope to provide you with a lasting memory of that special moment. I strive for professionalism as well as customer satisfaction.

My skills display in my photos and not in my price. I provide professional services with satisfaction. Your trust in Kalaidecam Photography is what I strive for in my service.

Victoria Le